Terresinis Vernaccia di Oristano IGT


Italy - Sardinia

Grape variety
Vernaccia 85 %
Vermentino 15 %


Drinking temperature
9-12 degrees

Autochthonous white grapes.

straw yellow colour enlivened by golden reflections.

floral and delicate white fruit sensations, reminiscent of jasmine and broom, and white peach and plum, enriched by green nuances of herbs and spicy white pepper and more subtle hints of the sea.

subtle structure, which does not stand out so much for its freshness as for its sapidity, typical of the wines of this area, conferred both by the particular nature of the soil and by the proximity of the sea and the invigorating action of the sea breezes. On the other hand, this white wine is characterised by a certain softness, thanks to the alcohol content and a very small residual sugar content that contributes to making it pleasant, and to increasing the length of the finish.

Food pairing
perfect aperitif white, to be drunk chilled on its own or accompanied by small seafood fingerfood, such as mussels au gratin or perhaps with crostini with ricotta and bottarga (roe) in a citrus fragrance. Or try it with pennette pasta with cauliflower and anchovies.

Cantina della Vernaccia, Oristano